Love for Levantine

A mixture of healthy, vibrant, clean and delightful food is how I see the cuisine of the modern Levant.

Although now divided into multiple countries, the entire region has historically been more united, and shares mostly the same culinary traditions. 

Meals are generally large family affairs, accompanied by much cheer, sharing, and a great deal of warmth.

Also, the concept of hospitality and generosity plays an important role in the levantine culture. Guests are considered a blessing and are treated with lot of respect and love. Even if you visit an average household, you may expect a table full of mezze, served with different types of bread, zaátar and nuts. This is a sign that the house is open for you and so are the hearts of its residents.

While its home to the popular foods like hummus, baba ghanoush, tabbouleh, falafel and shawarma, I think its unfair to associate one of the finest cuisines of the world with just these few items. It has a lot more to offer. Some of my personal favourite specialities are : Mussakhan, Kibbeh, Maqloubeh, Mujaddarah and Mansaf. Levantine cuisine is undoubtedly a fine balance of rich flavours and modest ingredients. There are some regional variations but most of the flavours are identical. 

Enjoy gazing at the extravagant table from one of our most favourite cooking events or bring a little Levant into your home by recreating our recipes shared here!

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