This space is dedicated to all the treasured and most requested recipes that have made their place to the best sellers among our clients circle. I love sticking to the traditional ways of cooking and playing with flavours. Here you will find recipes from all types of cuisines, prepared with love and respect for the heritage but also with an added personal twist.

Youll hear me often quoting: “We first eat with our eyes!” because it is my favourite part of the job. If cooking is art, presentation is  supreme art. Setting a beautiful table is one of the most simple ways to express your love & gratitude for someone. It portrays your respect for the prepared food. Come, have a look at some of our creative set ups and get convinced !

Inspirations can be anyone, anything and anywhere…From a simple everyday ingredient to a unique table cloth, a good recipe book  or my mothers love for exquisite pottery that I have inherited, this section is dedicated to all the reasons that bring out my inner chef.

Besides recipes and cooking tips, this blog also offers you to join us on my culinary travels around the world and learnings. Let´s explore traditional meals of other cultures, try famous restaurants, cook with the locals and meet the people who lovingly produce the ingredients we all get to eat.

Go behind the bar and see what we are up to! Check back regularly for tasty recipes, cooking tips, food trips & more from your very own,  Fatima Sadal!
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