Chef on Rhine aims at designing your bespoke menu so there is no rule book as such.

When planning an event, our commitment is to provide the best possible meal within the client´s budget, taste, dietary requirements and preferences. 

Put simply, we will cater to all your needs and work closely with you to do so.

To give you an idea how it works, here is a guideline for you:

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  • We request our clients to contact us via phone, Facebook or email.
  • We get all the necessary information like, how many people, what time, what occasion, availability of kitchen, your cuisine preferences, any possible dietary requirements and of course your budget.
  • We will create a customized menu and give you a quote.
  • On the date, we come to your venue armed with recipes, ingredients and the necessary equipment and cook everything for you.
  • We also help you decorate and arrange the table etc.
  • We leave you with an experience that you and your guests will cherish forever.

You have more to ask ? Put your hesitation aside and feel free to dial our number to discuss your event!

Pick a cuisine!

Helping you select the right cuisine for your event, picking dishes with flavors that complement each other, choosing the best possible ingredients within your budget, we curate tailored experiences off the beaten path.

Some of the cuisines we take as starting point:

Middle Eastern


North African / Moroccan



Asian / Thai

Turkish / Persian

Book a cooking party !

You and your partner want to brush up your cooking skills or you want to throw a cooking party?

Gather a group of friends together and give Chef on Rhine a call! We’ll set up a cooking or baking class at your house or we arrange an event venue for you.

Our cooking lessons are taught in English or German and are led by Fatima Sadal, herself, unless otherwise noted. Fatima´s teaching style is comprehensive, friendly and packed with invaluable cooking tips. Depending on the nature of the cooking session, her skills range from home-style to professional-style and there are numerous techniques and shortcuts to learn from any dish she is preparing with you.

Lessons are hands-on, so each guest is actively involved in cutting, mixing and preparing the food. Then the best part, eating! All prepared meals are enjoyed together in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Love what you eat!

We believe, food is a lot more than what goes in your stomach ! Serving healthy food with style is what we are famous for.

Our extraordinary beautiful serving bowls and platters from various parts of the world excite everyone with their bold and vibrant colours.

By choosing the right serving dishes to compliment your table setting and selected cuisine, we ensure your meal is exceptional and that it pleases your taste buds as well as your visual senses.

Food that invites..